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APR Process

The APR Continuous Improvement Cycle process can be more thoroughly expressed as follows:

  • One year prior to the site-visit, the unit will be contacted by the APR Office for their Orientation to prepare them for the upcoming year.
  • The unit prepares a self-study that addresses the following APR criteria:
    • Introduction and Background Information
    • Program Goals
    • Teaching and Learning: Curriculum
    • Teaching and Learning: Continuous Improvement
    • Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)
    • Faculty
    • Resources and Planning, Facilities
    • Program Comparisons
  • In addition to the APR criteria, the Provost Office senior leadership may collaborate in the development of reflective questions that are unit-specific and geared towards highlighting key issues that the unit will be expected to address as both an examination and demonstration of its continuous improvement efforts.
  • The initial self-study is reviewed by internal participants and feedback is provided to the unit.
  • The unit, Dean's Office, and Office of the Provost to collaborate in the selection of a review team. The review team usually includes two experienced faculty from other institutions and one faculty from UNM.
  • The final self-study will be sent to the review team approximately three weeks to the unit site visit.
  • Following the site visit, the review team has six weeks to draft their report.
  • The final step will be for the unit, Dean's Office, and Office of the Provost to collaborate in the drafting and approval of the Unit Response and Initial Action Plan.
  • Unit updates to the Initial Action Plan are required annually and due during the fall semester.
APR Manual Seventh Edition

APR Manual
Seventh Edition

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APR Process
Web Application

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Documents and Templates