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Our office will be closed for in-person support for at least several weeks in order to support the efforts to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. To reach us, please email or find our individual email addresses here.

The Academic Program Review (APR) Office

Mission Statement

Through Academic Program Review, faculty, staff, community, and external reviewers collaborate to improve degree programs and to provide a mechanism for programs to examine and reflect on their achievements, goals, and strategic plans for the future throughout a seven year cycle. The APR ensures that academic programs:

  1. provide opportunities to learn that are of high quality and are in line with professional and national standards;
  2. foster meaningful research;
  3. engage with the life of the university; and
  4. serve constituents or identified communities.

APR offers faculty, deans, and Academic Affairs the information necessary for considering the role of the program in the university and for exploring the program’s support of, and relation to, university strategic goals. Lastly, APR secures documentation to demonstrate the value of UNM’s programs to the state and the community while also satisfying criteria for Higher Learning Commission reaccreditation of the university as a whole. 

Primary Role

The primary role of the APR Office is to oversee and monitor all components of the APR Process at the University of New Mexico and to assist academic programs through the process of preparing a unit Self-Study Report, organizing and preparing for a Site-Visit from an external review team, and engaging in action planning for the future.

The APR Process is necessary for the university’s accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association in order to satisfy accreditation criteria. The university was last accredited in April 2009, while the current reaccreditation should be completed in 2019. Materials related to these accreditations by the HLC can be found at UNM HLC Accreditation 2018-19. The organization’s ongoing evaluation and assessment processes provide reliable evidence of institutional effectiveness that clearly informs strategies for continuous improvement.

Definition of "Unit"

The APR Office refers to departments and academic programs as units. A department may consist of academic programs that offer at least one degree/certificate program or the department, itself, may offer at least one degree/certificate program. An academic program may not be associated with a department but offers at least one degree/certificate program.


APR Manual Eighth Edition

APR Manual 8th Edition

APR Process Web Application

UNM Assessment Website

Documents and Templates

Documents & Templates