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Our office will be closed for in-person support for at least several weeks in order to support the efforts to lessen the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. To reach us, please email or find our individual email addresses here.

APR Unit Records

The APR Office maintains and archives all APR documentation associated with the APR Process at UNM. The Office ensures that the following documentation is provided for each unit:

  • Self-Study Report,
  • Review Team Report,
  • Unit Response Report, and
  • Initial Action Plans.

Initial Action Plans are updated annually. Please contact the APR Office for access to updated Action Plans. Also, please refer to the Annual APR Institutional Reports for more information about documentation associated with the APR at UNM.

To access the Master Schedule of Academic Program Reviews click here.

APR Manual Eighth Edition

APR Manual
8th Edition

APR Process Web Application

UNM Assessment Website

Documents & Templates

Documents & Templates